GYM 608

At GYM 608 we strive to be your home away from home. From the moment you walk through the doors and are greeted by one of our motivational coaches and trainers to the very end of your calorie-torching, skill building, strength gaining workout. We are here for you. We want to give you more than just a workout. We want you to have a gym experience like no other, and that is because at GYM 608 we are a gym like no other! You may be walking through the door with a goal of losing weight, and you will, but what you will gain in the process will be so much more! You will gain confidence, friendships and become a healthier version of you. We strive to be a community for you and your friends. A community with a strong foundation for you to build strength upon!

Your trainer and coach Alecia Jacobson… Alecia is a mom and step-mom, wife, owner of GYM 608 and women’s mind and body coach. Alecia’s current life’s mission is helping women uncover their inner badass while bringing to light a strength and power they may have been unaware of. Alecia is real and raw and unapologetic about both. If she can show you her scars then it creates a safe space for you to wear yours…without shame or guilt but with strength and freedom.
Alecia is a dedicated introvert, speaking and teaching in front of large groups light her fire while mingling and making small talk makes her insides turn to knots! She loves 90’s rap music and will read any book she can get her hands on. We look forward to seeing you at GYM 608!

  • “I have been to many other gyms over the years. I travel 30 minutes to come to this gym and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I have never met such a supportive group of people; we are like family.”
    ~J. Pernot
  • Alecia Jacobson is an amazing and inspirational trainer. She encourages and supports as well as physically kicks your butt at the same time. It's a safe and fun environment where everyone supports each other in their goals and healthy habits!
    ~O. Goeppinger
  • Alecia is the best trainer I've found! She is no-nonsense and very motivating. Her workouts are challenging but differ so much from day to day they are actually fun. She is very good at getting results.
    ~K. Sands
  • I have been working with Alecia for a little over 2 months and am so happy that I found her. She knows just how much she can push me (and sometimes a little bit more.) My eyes get big when she keeps pulling out heavier weights. I feel like she is on my journey to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle right along with me. She genuinely cares about me and gets just as excited as I do about my progress.
    ~J. Turk
  • My experience with Alecia and Gym 608 has been outstanding! Alecia is a perfect combination of motivating and caring. She writes up killer, high-intensity workouts which make you leave sweaty, tired, but with a smile on your face.
    ~S. Wepking