Author: Alecia Jacobson

I Don’t Have Time

You know you need to get to the gym, but something’s standing in your way. 

In this series we’ll tease apart the most common barriers that have kept my clients from getting to the gym and we’ll identify how to bust through those barriers so you can create lasting routines that will get you to the gym and on the way to achieving your fitness goals.

Busting Barriers: “I don’t have time.”

Often, friends and clients tell me that they “don’t have the time,” to get to the gym. 

I have a client, I’ll call her Kate*, who was dealing with just this problem. She had exercised regularly with me, so I knew she could do it, but nearly a year after she moved away she still hadn’t found a gym. She is an intelligent, successful, energetic woman. She knew the benefits of exercise and that she felt better about her body and the world in general when she was exercising regularly. So why was this seemingly-simple task proving so difficult for her?

When I dig deeper I often discover that what’s keeping them from going ahead and making the time is their routines. 

Routines and habits are great. Routines are what let us keep from scalding ourselves when we’re making our morning coffee, even when we’re more than half asleep. They’re what get us through the day without agonizing over every little decision. But when you need to change up your routines, such as making room for a daily trip to the gym, routines can trip you up.

Kate is amazing. She works from a home office and can get a million things done by the time I’ve sketched out a to-do list. Logistically, she knew she had to exercise in the morning, but every day almost as soon as she’d get up she’d get sucked into tasks. The next thing she knew it was nearly lunch. So we came up with, “don’t open your laptop before you work out.”  It seemed like such a simple thing, but Kate found it incredibly hard. It made her really uncomfortable to not even peek at her email at the start of the day because it was her routine. She didn’t actually have to start work that early in the morning; all of her tasks could wait an hour longer for her to get her workout in. In order for Kate to make exercise part of her life, she had to create a new routine.

Changing routines is hard! Your brain is wired to create routines, and it can feel alien and wrong when you start to deliberately deviate from them. For Kate, it was more uncomfortable to avoid looking at her email than it was to actually go to the gym and exercise. Recognize that this discomfort is part of what you’re in the process of overcoming and that it too will pass.

Often just identifying your current routine is enough for you to lay the groundwork for a new one. If you always get into your PJs, get into bed, and read for a few hours before sleeping, then you could realize that your routine makes it hard to get set for the gym the next day. Instead, you could make a point of setting out your gym clothes before you change into your PJs. That way you don’t need to get out of your comfortable bed to take care of that chore before lights-out. 

Once you identify the routines that are stopping you from getting to the gym you’re perfectly set up to design new routines that will get you there day after day

Busting Barriers

How to conquer obstacles that are keeping you out of the gym

“I need to start going to a gym!”

If you’ve said those words, or thought them, or included them in a now-abandoned resolution then you’re in very good company. So many of us know we need to get fit and want to get fit, but somehow both finding a gym that we like and sticking to going feels just insurmountable?

The first step to getting to the gym is figuring out why you’re not there now. You know working out is critical for your physical and mental health, so there have to be reasons why you’re not doing it already. You can’t expect to start getting to the gym unless you face the barriers that are keeping you from going, and figure out, one by one how you’re going to overcome them. 

Step 1: Practice Self-Forgiveness

Before you begin though you must forgive yourself for struggling; finding a gym and getting fit isn’t easy! You can be an accomplished, kick-ass person in every other aspect of your life and still have trouble with exercise or fitness. I have had clients who are high powered professionals, accomplished academics, or the best moms and wives ever, and every one of them struggled at first. Your lack of an exercise routine isn’t because you’re lazy or a failure. If going to the gym and getting enough exercise were easy then everyone, including you, would already be doing it!

Step 2: Get Rid of Your Excuses

The most important steps you can take to break through your barriers is to identify what really is a barrier and what is an excuse. 

Excuses are the stories you tell yourself to feel better about the choices that do not align with your ideal image of yourself. If you’re telling yourself you don’t have time to go to the gym but you do have time to binge-watch a show you don’t even like, sleep in because you’re tired, then spend the first hour of your day scrolling through social media, well that’s an excuse. If you don’t exercise because its uncomfortable, but you suffer from medical issues your doctor tells you will improve with exercise then that’s an excuse. 

If it’s a real barrier then it’s time to find a way to work around it. If it’s an excuse then it’s time to toss that particular line of thinking in the garbage where it belongs.

Step 3: Identify Your Barriers and Conquer Them!

The barriers the keep you from going to the gym are strong only as long as you don’t name them. Once you identify what your barriers are you can figure out ways to work around or work through them.

In the next few posts I’m going to go through the top three barriers that I’ve encountered over and over again while working with my clients. We’ll identify them, unpack them, and talk about real solutions that can get you to the gym day after day.

“I don’t have time.”

“I’m too tired.”

“It’s intimidating.”

“I don’t like to exercise.”

Together we’ll bust through your barriers and get you moving!

The Last 10 Pounds

The Last 10 Pounds One of the hardest times in a weight loss journey is losing the last 10 pounds. Often times this is what most peoples bodies feels comfortable at. You are maintaining that weight without much effort. You go out to dinner without scouring the menu and enjoy a glass or two of wine when you want. You also may have a little extra ‘love’ around the middle and rear sections of your body. For women these are usually the last to go…the first often being your B cup is now barely pushing an A cup. You say hello push-up padded bra and goodbye to your extra boob around your armpit and bra strap. It’s a trade off…albeit an unfair one!  So there you are. You’ve worked so hard, you get up early every day and get your workouts in. You enjoy your food but no longer have to count every calorie or pass on girls night out. You’ve hit your sweet spot but you still have that little extra love on your body. Well the way I see it you have two options. Both being completely doable and both taking support and emotional effort. Option 1. You buckle down and get serious about tracking your food. You cut out the unnecessary calories the majority of the time (majority meaning 90% or greater and unnecessary meaning wine and lattes or whatever your go-to indulgence is). This will likely get you to losing the last 5 or 10 pounds. With dedication to your goal this is 100% achievable baring any health issues you may be dealing with. Option 2. You take all your clothes off, look in the mirror and look straight into the eyes of the person looking back at you. You decide that the extra few pounds are worth the chocolate, beer or bread and you just leave it at that. You make this choice every time you get dressed. Every time you start to compare yourself with another woman. Every time you start to tear yourself down for not having your ‘perfect’ body you make this choice to love your body.  Either route you decide to take is going to take commitment and dedication. They both will challenge you to shift your ways of thinking and your way of living. Both are perfectly good ways of living. Both are great ways to live! There may be times where you really want to be diligent and deliberate in your diet and so you go with option 1 and you feel so good every time you slip into your jeans and they zip…with no effort at all! There may be a time a few years later when you have put in that work and you are now ok with a different body and this is ok too! Let me help you with whichever option you choose!  As a trainer and coach I can help you with your workout plan and nutrition goals. You can do this in your own home or in a gym. You get personalized workouts and full access to my online coaching group.  If you choose to be just where you are but need the support and guidance of a coach to help you see that who you are right now is beautiful and ok just as you are I’m your coach for that too! 

6 Week Transformation Challenge

Have you gone round and round the diet and exercise merry-go-round only to be heavier and less motivated than you ever were? If you answered yes, then guess what? You are totally normal. But normal doesn’t mean you have to live like that any longer. The reason that it doesn’t work is because you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to. Making a whole lot of lifestyle changes all at once. It’s not fun to do things you don’t want to do and if you change EVERYTHING then everything is going to suck. So you go strong for a week or two and then you throw in the towel because a person can only handle so many changes at once. So you go back to normal but only after enjoying every single thing you deprived yourself of the last two weeks…hello 5 more pounds on your ass. Awesome. Just awesome.
  • Sick of that scenario? Me too. I’ve decided this time when doing one of our challenges to speak what I really want to say instead of the U-rah-rah about losing weight and feeling great. I seriously cringe when I hear that but it works and that’s why they use it.
  • So here’s what I’ll help you achieve. I’ll help you get down underneath the cravings and get rid of them or at the very least give you some tools to keep them in check. We will spend the six weeks making new habits slowly, no more than one at a time. That crazy BS you see on tv with the rapid results it doesn’t stick.
  • You will think about how you want to FEEL not what you want to weigh. The scale is a great tool but it’s also a great way for you to end up feeling like shit and that is not what I’m all about.
  • In this six week program you will have full access to all bootcamp and HIIT classes. You will become part of a group that cares about you and will take the time to get to know you and help you reach your goals. You will move away from the roller coaster lifestyle and actually make it a lifestyle. You will start looking forward to exercising and if you already have that down then you will have the accountability you need to get you back on track with your eating.
  • When the six weeks is over you will FEEL better. You will have established a routine and with that will come weight loss and healthy eating. That IS NOT the focus though. It may be what you want in your end result and we will get you there but we will take a different path than you’ve ever taken before.
  Ready to jump in?? Click here to sign up. Have specific questions? You can email me and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.