About Our Classes

When most people hear bootcamp, they think two things… there’s no way I can do a ‘bootcamp’ or YES! I love it!

If you are in the camp that shutters and the thought of joining a bootcamp let me put your mind at ease. While the term bootcamp can be intimidating the environment that we do it in is not! The awesome thing about these classes is that they are circuit based, and most everything is timed by the trainer, which means you go at your own pace. So if you are a seasoned athlete, you will be able to work right alongside the person who is new to the whole group exercise thing because although we are all working together, we are all doing our own thing too! Each class is different with a mix of cardio and strength. You will do things like push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, squats and agility drills. We work hard, but we also have fun! The best thing about Gym 608 and how it is different from other gyms is that we are like family. We encourage each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments… and those we have a lot of! For example, one woman who is in her 60’s is now able to do box jumps… she jumps on a box that is 24 inches off the ground! Another woman who is ‘not a runner’ now runs the whole warm-up without walking! We also have #’s on the scale that have not been seen in years, clothes that can be fit into again and the best is that we have happier people because they get the support and great energy from Gym 608! So as you can see the bootcamp classes are about so much more than the exercise, they are about bringing people together, supporting one another, breaking a sweat and changing our lives one workout at a time.

I have been to many other gyms over the years. I travel 30 minutes to come to this gym and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I have never met such a supportive group of people; we are like family. -J. Pernot

When I moved to Madison a year ago, I was looking for a trainer and a friend recommended Alecia. I quickly felt at home and found a community within her small group bootcamp. She is an awesome trainer who gives tough love while tailoring her approach to each clients needs. She gives nutrition tips and advice and encourages a holistic approach to being healthy. She keeps workouts interesting and fresh. We work really hard during workouts but I often laugh enough where I don’t realize an hour has gone by. I always leave feeling better!! -S. Figaro

I am just coming up on one year of working out with Alecia. And the fact that I’ve kept up going to her classes even though they’re at 5:30 am is a huge testament to her strength as a trainer and motivator. I’ve never stuck with an exercise regimen this consistently before, but honestly it’s really not super hard because Alecia makes the classes fun and the other participants are great support as well. -C. Bower

Alecia is great! I started going to her over 3 years ago now…WOW. and the results speak for themselves I’ve lost over 20 pounds and have kept it off, and I’m more toned and have more energy than I had before. Her workouts and group classes are great, but my favorite part is her focus on nutrition and the educational value she adds, so that you can change your eating habits and lifestyle for the better long term. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else if your goal is to loose weight and be healthy! -K. McCulley

I joined the 5:30am bootcamp class with Alecia over a year ago and her ability to mix up the workouts so it is something different everyday never ceases to amaze me! Alecia is tough and calls you out on your excuses but also motivating and fair and fun. It is a great group of people who care about overall wellness and fitness – highly recommend giving it a try – you won’t regret it. -K. Trudgeon

Come check one out and see for yourself – your first class is free!

  • Holy crap! I just did my measurements/weight this morning. I lost 10 pounds and 8.5 inches from sticking to this challenge. YAY! Thank you Alecia Jacobson!!!
    ~Sarah D.
  • While reviewing the last 6 weeks, I really feel successful and remain motivated. As a result of this challenge and all the people involved, I have stuck with it, working out consistently and being mindful of balancing my food intake.
  • A positive change that I've made as a result of this challenge is that I'm making healthier choices for both me and my family when I'm at the grocery store. Looking more at what ingredients are in the foods that we eat and finding better alternatives.  
    ~Sarah L.
  • I'm motivated by the smaller and smaller clothing that I can now fit into. I bought a pair of jeans this weekend in a size that I haven't worn in 12 years.
    ~Sarah D.
  • I fit into a pair of pants I hadn't been able to in a while....big win!!! Haven't had a soda since we started so that's another big win!!