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  • Holy crap! I just did my measurements/weight this morning. I lost 10 pounds and 8.5 inches from sticking to this challenge. YAY! Thank you Alecia Jacobson!!!
    ~Sarah D.
  • While reviewing the last 6 weeks, I really feel successful and remain motivated. As a result of this challenge and all the people involved, I have stuck with it, working out consistently and being mindful of balancing my food intake.
  • A positive change that I've made as a result of this challenge is that I'm making healthier choices for both me and my family when I'm at the grocery store. Looking more at what ingredients are in the foods that we eat and finding better alternatives.  
    ~Sarah L.
  • I'm motivated by the smaller and smaller clothing that I can now fit into. I bought a pair of jeans this weekend in a size that I haven't worn in 12 years.
    ~Sarah D.
  • I fit into a pair of pants I hadn't been able to in a while....big win!!! Haven't had a soda since we started so that's another big win!!